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Katy Perry: Robot Holocaust

Katy Perry: Robot Holocaust

Also, this film “The Doll Squad” has a theme song that is obviously styled to sound like a Bond theme, sort of like “Thunderball” or “Goldfinger,” so it’s just natural to “call it out” and sing “Goldfinger!” or “Thunderball.” It’s one of the secrets of movie riffing I guess. We’re sharing the same experience by watching the movie together, then if you can “call out” a reference that is similar to yours, you’ve got yourself a riff.

-Joel Hodgson

Basically the same lesson we learn from improv. That unspoken weird thing is just a weird thing until it’s called out and becomes funny, becomes the joke, becomes the game.

Read this awesome article!

Remember when Spider-Man movies were entertaining? And then when they were made even better by the dudes from Mystery Science Theater 3000?

While I was watching The Amazing Spider-Man, all I could think of was how much better Sam Raimi told the story.

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett are doing a live RiffTrax presentation of "Manos" The Hands of Fate in August. And it features all new jokes, not a rehash of the classic MST3K riffs!

RiffTrax Live presents Manos The Hands of Fate

These live RiffTrax events are awesome. You get to watch a comedically-terrible movie and listen to the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff on it, but in a freakin’ movie theater instead of your boring living room. I caught the live version of Plan 9 From Outer Space a few years back, and it was awesome.

The Spider Man 3 Rifftrax is on the course syllabus bibliography for this week’s Improv Movie Party! Podcast where we cover The Amazing Spider-Man.

This Rifftrax is where I learned about the fate of Gwen Stacy in the comics!

Cinematic Titanic: the godfathers (and godmother) of making fun of movies. These folks were all original Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members and writers.

The Improv Movie Party! Podcast would not exist without their influence.