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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

(0:00) The Most Convoluted Movie Ever, (5:39) Let’s See Who This Is…

Catch our reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man and Rubber in the full episode 5 right here.

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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

It’s The Improv Movie Party! Episode 5! Subscribe to us in iTunes! Or download an mp3 of Episode 5 and listen to us banter on your trip to Comic-Con! And here’s our RSS Feed.

The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd, with Sean London @seanlondon, Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz Josh MacDonald @therealmacd, and special guest James Ross @jamesisanerd. Follow us on Facebook dot com slash improvmovieparty!

Improv in this episode… The Amazing Spider-Man - (3:36) Rear Window is Inspiring, (12:34) Let’s Make a Super Mario Bros Movie! (33:11) Promise Me Before I Die… (54:33) Smitty Knows What the People Want, . Rubber [starts at 1:00:10] - (1:26:35) People Are Seriously Discussing This Shit, (1:30:16) How To Not Get Jedi Mind-Tricked Workshop.

Join us next time for Katy Perry: Part of Me and Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion!

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald.

A truly fascinating animated tale.

In 1973, Gwen Stacy dies of a broken neck when Spider-Man tries to save her from falling off a bridge. When Spidey’s web snags her, the whiplash is strong enough to break her neck…

Will the producers of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot have the balls to kill off the lovely Emma Stone in a sequel?

Hmmmm… It’s really hard to figure out who the producers of The Amazing Spider-Man were trying to reach with this movie.

We’ll try to figure it out when we cover the film (and Andrew Garfield’s bum bum) on The Improv Movie Party! Podcast, this week!

The Spider Man 3 Rifftrax is on the course syllabus bibliography for this week’s Improv Movie Party! Podcast where we cover The Amazing Spider-Man.

This Rifftrax is where I learned about the fate of Gwen Stacy in the comics!

Oh, man! We’re recording the next episode of The Improv Movie Party! Podcast, tonight! This week you’re gonna get an earful of funny reviews about The Amazing Spider-Man and Rubber, plus some ridiculous comedy based on the movies. Join us!