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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

You want more discussion about Tiny Furniture? You want more improv? Here’s almost 30 minutes worth. You asked for it!

Catch our reviews of Brave and Tiny Furniture in the full Episode 4 right here…

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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

It’s The Improv Movie Party! Episode 4! Subscribe to us in iTunes! Or download an mp3 of Episode 4 and listen to us joke while you BBQ those 4th of July burgers! And here’s our RSS Feed.

The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd, with Sean London @seanlondon, Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz Josh MacDonald @therealmacd, and special guest Char deGuzman @charstarlene. Follow us on Facebook dot com slash improvmovieparty!

Improv in this episode… Brave - (8:36) Eli Roth Pitches at Pixar, (25:11) Will’s Lips Look Really Tight, (47:50) A Bear Keeps Reading Merida’s Journal, (57:19) Char Has Been Turning Into a Bear, (1:06:00) Abraham Lincoln Thinks Black People Are Pretty Cool. Tiny Furniture [starts at 1:11:07] - (1:30:25) Will Cooks Dry Hamburgers

Join us next time for The Amazing Spider-Man and Rubber!

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald.

In case you need to see something to believe it.

"To me, the great hope is that now these little 8mm video recorders and stuff have come out, and some—just people who normally wouldn’t make movies are going to be making them. And you know, suddenly, one day some little fat girl in Ohio is going to be the new Mozart, you know, and make a beautiful film with her little father’s camera recorder. And for once, the so-called professionalism about movies will be destroyed, forever, you know. And it will really become an art form.

That’s my opinion.”

Francis Ford Coppola - Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (1991)

Nick loooooves chick flix.

Recording the podcast about Tiny Furniture and Brave right now with @seanlondon, @twiternamrulz, @therealmacd and @charstarlene! Episode 4 coming July 3rd!

As a whole, audiences come in with a distaste for female comedians. Because of that handicap, women spend all their time onstage trying to get approval. Approval from the audience, approval from their teachers and directors, and approval from their fellow performers. The women who succeed are the women who refuse to be affected by everyone else around them. They play with confidence and intelligence and subtlety.
Del Close (via delquotemarathon)

Next week, on episode 4 we tackle Pixar’s BRAVE and Lena Dunham’s TINY FURNITURE.

You didn’t see John Carter? That’s okay! We watched it for you! And listening to us joke about it for 59 minutes is WAY more fun than watching that movie for 132 minutes.

It’s The Improv Movie Party! Episode 3! (And here’s a bonus improv scene from that episode!)

Subscribe to us in iTunes! Or download an mp3 of Episode 3 and listen to us quip while you’re stuck in traffic!

The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd.

with Sean London @seanlondon, Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz and Josh MacDonald @therealmacd, with special guest Paul Ciampanelli @PaulCiampanelli

Follow us on Facebook dot com slash improvmovieparty!

In this episode…

John Carter

6:56 - John Carter’s Angry Haircut
17:15 - Taylor Kitsch Needs a Shirt
30:37 - Redbox Has a Movie For You
51:08 - Cast Daniel Craig In John Carter!

Enter the Void (starts at 59:15)

1:11:49 - Netflix Hits On Nick
1:24:19 - The Sequel to Enter the Void’s Credit Sequence

Join us next time for Brave and Tiny Furniture!

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald

@seanlondon says:

1:12 - wtf is going on
3:47 - these aliens all look like Stanley Tucci
4:12 - 1881?
4:20 - hey look! Gambit!
5:15 - John Carter’s first line; doesn’t sound like he’s from 1881
6:00 - wait John Carter has a butler? JOHN CARTER IS TEH 1%
9:37 - this is the worst fucking movie I’ve ever seen

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