We talk about movies, we improv scenes about movies, we have fun, we're dumb.*

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Thank God for the internet. A few select gems from the home page:

"Jar Jar Binks- ‘a combination pimp and Barney’" - Not sure who they’re quoting here.

"If you hate Jar Jar Binks, I TOLD YOU TO GET THE HELL OF MY SITE!" - Hi, there, friend.

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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

(0:00) The Most Convoluted Movie Ever, (5:39) Let’s See Who This Is…

Catch our reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man and Rubber in the full episode 5 right here.

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Improv Movie Party! Podcast,

It’s The Improv Movie Party! Episode 5! Subscribe to us in iTunes! Or download an mp3 of Episode 5 and listen to us banter on your trip to Comic-Con! And here’s our RSS Feed.

The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd, with Sean London @seanlondon, Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz Josh MacDonald @therealmacd, and special guest James Ross @jamesisanerd. Follow us on Facebook dot com slash improvmovieparty!

Improv in this episode… The Amazing Spider-Man - (3:36) Rear Window is Inspiring, (12:34) Let’s Make a Super Mario Bros Movie! (33:11) Promise Me Before I Die… (54:33) Smitty Knows What the People Want, . Rubber [starts at 1:00:10] - (1:26:35) People Are Seriously Discussing This Shit, (1:30:16) How To Not Get Jedi Mind-Tricked Workshop.

Join us next time for Katy Perry: Part of Me and Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion!

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald.