We talk about movies, we improv scenes about movies, we have fun, we're dumb.*

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Improv Movie Party! Episode 2!

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The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd.

with Sean London @seanlondon, Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz and Josh MacDonald @therealmacd

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In this episode…


13:32 - This Lifeform is So Friendly!
30:56 - We’re Locked and Loaded
40:00 - Tautological Mom
53:43 - Will Calls Doug Lindelof

Red State (starts at 1:00:52)

1:14:57 - Jason Mewes in Red State
1:23:11 - Hell is Topsy-Turvy

Join us next time for John Carter and Enter the Void!

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald

* “Lodestar” refers to the North Star, Polaris. Why that entered my mind? I have no idea.