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Remember when Spider-Man movies were entertaining? And then when they were made even better by the dudes from Mystery Science Theater 3000?

While I was watching The Amazing Spider-Man, all I could think of was how much better Sam Raimi told the story.

In 1973, Gwen Stacy dies of a broken neck when Spider-Man tries to save her from falling off a bridge. When Spidey’s web snags her, the whiplash is strong enough to break her neck…

Will the producers of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot have the balls to kill off the lovely Emma Stone in a sequel?

I don’t buy that Peter Parker couldn’t be evil. Everyone is capable of evil. That ties into the message of the first Raimi Spider Man movie, with the whole power/responsibility thing.

Hmmmm… It’s really hard to figure out who the producers of The Amazing Spider-Man were trying to reach with this movie.

We’ll try to figure it out when we cover the film (and Andrew Garfield’s bum bum) on The Improv Movie Party! Podcast, this week!