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Good as new

Good as new

More machine than man

Twin suns

Huh huh huh!

Huh huh huh!

It’s not just the special editions that tarnish the legacy of Star Wars. They couldn’t even correct genuine problems for the Blu-ray release.



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The Improv Movie Party is hosted by Will Reese @epicallynerd, with Nick Luciano @twiternamrulz Josh MacDonald @therealmacd, and special guest Gina Ippolito @ippy2. Follow us on Facebook dot com slash improvmovieparty!

Improv in this episode… Star Wars — (14:10) Ahmed Best and Andy Serkis Are Great Lawyers, (39:07) George Lucas Tries To Return 50 Shades of Grey (52:48) Tuskan Raiders Take Over Starbucks.

Join us next week for Magic Mike!

Links to stuff we talked about in this episode:

The DESPECIALIZED Edition (fan-edited recreation of the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL CUT)

George Lucas fucks up the Blu-Ray releases

From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (full documentary on YouTube)

"Improv Movie Party Theme Song" by Josh MacDonald.

You think…

source: The Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Second Edition - Revised and Expanded

The original theatrical trailer for Star Wars. Somehow they managed to make it look stupid and corny.